Vending Station

Easy to service and maintain and highly movable version of an automated shop, Vending Station consists of several vending machines, integrated around one payment station. Compact size and limited number of SKUs makes it an optimum choice for applications where average basket is only 2-3 items.

  • based on a frame of 10, 20 or 40 foot shipping container
  • door and windows located as per requirement
  • airconditioned
  • energy saving interior and exterior LED lighting
  • digital signage
  • all vending machines integrated with a single payment station
  • optional intelligent coffee maker
  • optional specialty vending machines (press, ice creams)

Small footprint and power consumption allow to place this shop basically anywhere. Vending machines can hold 24 to 60 product faces per device. Specialty machines can add some extra attractiveness in form of sandwiches and snacks. A nice addition is an intelligent coffee maker with hundreds of coffee flavours to choose from and option to remember customer’s preferred drink.