Coffee Shop

A very specific application of integrated vending machines, designed to serve coffee and snacks, from chilled sushi to warm toasts.

  • based on 20 or 40 foot container frame
  • biometric (or other) customer identification on entry and exit
  • sandwich dispenser
  • chilled food dispenser
  • hot food dispenser
  • microwave to heat-up ready dishes
  • airconditioned
  • energy saving interior and exterior LED lighting
  • digital signage
  • all vending machines integrated with a single payment station
  • optional automated parcel collection point

Combination of sturdy, mobile container frame and selection of specialised vending machines and dispensers creates a unique self-service coffee shop you can drop right where it is needed. It could be a large construction site, open air concert or sports event. Inside you can find selection of dishes and snacks from chilled to warm and a fully automated coffee machine with customer preferences memory (via dedicated app). In larger format (40 feet) a chemical toilet can be added as option. Another interesting add=on can be an automated parcel collection point, which attracts quite a lot of potential customers. Sides of a shop can be equipped with digital signage to maintain healthy return from investment.