Fully automated shop

Fully automated, walk-in, mobile shop with potential 24/7 operations, offering groceries, chilled and frozen products as well as snacks and coffee. Good solution for locations with medium traffic and basket of around 10 items, next to communication paths and hubs, school campuses or smaller condominiums. This product is also an interesting option for extending working hours of a large, classic store.

Main features:

  • based on a frame of 20 or 40 foot shipping container
  • customisable glass windows and doors
  • biometric (or other) customer identification on entry and exit
  • weight scales and cameras capable of product identification
  • payment station accepting cash, card and other payment methods
  • fully equipped with shelving, coolers and freezers
  • airconditioning
  • energy saving interior and exterior LED lighting
  • digital signage
  • Optional equipment: intelligent coffee maker, ticketing station, chemical toilet, automated parcel collection point

In its most advanced version “Shop In A Box” offers innovative, state of the art features. Entrance to the shop can be controlled via biometrics while intelligent weights recognise products placed on them. Consumer will be charged automatically for products he or she collected from shelves and will pay upon exit in whatever way he prefers. In addition to intelligent cameras, shelves with built in scales can be used, further improving product recognition accuracy. Both inside and outside of the box, digital signage can be mounted, assuring additional profit from advertising. An interesting addition could also be an intelligent coffee maker, which remembers cunsumer’s preffered coffee and all add-ons, which could provide an increased loyalty and frequency of visits.