What is Shop In a Box?

Recent years brought us revolutionary changes in ways we do shoping. Classical retail operators are under constant pressure from several directions:

  • Store personnel is both scarce and noticeably more expensive and becoming more so every day
  • Consumer segmentation becoming more visible with a growing group becoming wealthier but time poor, in a rush with high level of technology awareness
  • New sales channels create strong pressure on pricing and diluting consumer spending
  • Seasonality and changes in demographics lower profitability of some store locations
  • Change in consumer expectations away from big box towards convenience
  • Instability of legislation increases the risk of investment in new locations

Addressing the above issues becomes increasingly difficult. At “Shop In A Box” we turn some of those challenges into competitive advantage with a unique value proposition. Our product is an integrated platform, used to create mobile, scalable and easily customisable stores, that fit a multitude of retailer’s needs. Our product is created by adapting a sturdy 20 or 40-foot container which is cut or combined to create the required retail foot print, adapting entrances and windows to fit the location. It is easy to relocate using a standard container trailer. It only requires a power mains connection to operate or driven by a combination of generator and eco power so it can be located where it is needed: sidewalk at the beach, parking lot next to regular store or at the entrance to a condominium, school or open air event. Whether you need to extend your range, cover unsociable hours or offer seasonal assortment even maintain sales during refurbishment we can adapt this retail solution for you. “Shop In A Box” is particularily suitable for the convenience sector for grab and go emergency groceries, food for now and food for later.

The shop can be equipped with:

  • Shelving (regular or flow racks)
  • Chilling units (with vending option)
  • Freezers ( with vending option)
  • Vending machines and dispensers
  • Intelligent weight scales (with product recognition)
  • Integrated self check-out with or without security scale
  • Intelligent coffee machines, remembering customer’s preferences
  • Security entrance and exit
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Intrusion and fire detection
  • Airconditioning
  • Digital signage for advertising

All subsystems of our store are fully integrated providing maximum security, monitoring and uninterrupted operations. Internet connection allows for an optional remote support for consumers plus monitoring and triggering alarms as needed. “Shop In A Box” can be as fully automated walk-in, partially assisted walk-in, vending station, a coffee bar or any combination of them all. We tailor make the solution to fit each customer requirements.