How does it fit to Your business?

“Shop In A Box” can be incorporated into almost any type of retail business either as an extension to existing operation or quick solution to a problem. It can also be seen as a totally separate product line, perhaps even under a new brand. It could help boost your business by:

  • Providing fast and easy access to selection of best rotating products from your offer in convenient locations (smaller condos, communication hubs, etc.), you maintain a consistent brand image and attract customers to visit larger stores for more selection of products
  • Expanding sales area at peak times with fast and robust self-service solution, you provide your customers with much faster service
  • Temporarily expanding sales offer with seasonal or fast turning products.
  • Additional offering, like newspaper vending, or coffee stand can fit customer’s expectations towards convenience and shopping experience without creating work for the staff
  • Adding mobility, as your sales point can be shifted to another location, if current location fails to deliver sustainable turnover
  • Extend opening hours to 24/7 operations, making customers even more loyal to your brand.