Which one is best for You?

“Shop In A Box” is a complex solution. In addition to classic store fittings like shelves, coolers or freezers it also contains many other features and systems aimed at making it truly automatic. This is why we treat each of our customers individually and design the store in line with their requirements. To help you in your decision process we created several profiles of our store:

  • Partially-assisted shop: whenever you need to expand your offer by a selection of seasonal items, need to handle an extra traffic during high season or provide customers with a fast and simple way to grab ’n’ go basic grocery, food for now or food for later. Semi-assisted store also allows you to sell items, which are not easy to handle on a self check-out stations and require shop attendant’s support. These include cigarettes or alcohol, non-standard size items, fruit and vegies or items without barcode. On-site assistant performs also replenishment functions. Such store is suitable for larger baskets of up to 30 items.
  • Vending Station: this is an inexpensive solution to provide basic groceries and food for now in 24/7 mode in a safe way. Various types of vending machines (including chilled and frozen) can be integrated together in one self check-out station with a large touchscreen for customer’s convenience. Optionally a fully automated coffee, hot snack or ice cream vending machine can be added. The entire unit requires only external power connection and is suitable for baskets with less than 10 items.
  • Coffee Shop: it is a variation of vending station, with more focus on coffee and food for now. For regular customers we offer a loyalty system as well as coffee makers that remember user’s preferences regarding their favourite coffee.
  • Car Wash: for a specific purpose of supporting an unattended car wash, we offer a box with heavy vending machines for car care product as well as oil or windscreen washer. In addition, a regular vending modules can supply snacks and coffee. We also offer full integration of our payment station with a car wash and its infrastructure. Optionally, we can also fit a chemical toilet unit for customer’s use.
  • Fully automated shop: here the higher initial investment into a fully automated solution is offset by a low operational cost and 24/7 service. Packed with many intelligent subsystems, such as biometric customer recognition, product recognition or intelligent weight scales. This product is suitable to expand your presence, where regular store would not be possible economically or due to legal restrictions.

For more information on our products, please contact our consultants.