Why do you need it?

„Shop In A Box” is an inexpensive and very flexible way to extend your retail operations and offer your customers new ways of shopping. It helps, where classical shop floor is too expensive, not possible due to availability or legal constraints or where labour cost is an issue.

Seasonal locations: a truly mobile shopping space equipped with all you’d expect from a convenience store (dry, chilled and frozen sections) is a perfect solution for summer or winter resorts. It is also a great way to provide a convenient shopping location near schools or campuses, where regular store would not be economically feasible due to holidays.

Temporary locations: “Shop In A Box” can be used to provide shopping at temporary locations such as large construction sites, new developments (where classical stores are not available yet) or open air events.

Seasonal sales and traffic: our product also works great as a way to provide extra space for seasonal items. It is not always possible to handle seasons on the existing shop floor. Having some extra space as well as additional tills (including self check-out solutions) can largely improve customer’s experience.

Extended opening hours: lower operational costs of our automated store makes it more economic to provide 24/7 services. It also allows to continue sales when legal restrictions require closing regular stores (e.g. bank holidays).

Flexibility and low operational costs of our product makes it a very attractive tool to support regular retail operations. High configurability and scalability of “Shop In A Box” combined with several levels of automation allows to tailor it to your specific requirements.