Fully automated shop

Fully automated, walk-in, mobile shop with potential 24/7 operations, offering groceries, chilled and frozen products as well as snacks and […]


Vending Station

Easy to service and maintain and highly movable version of an automated shop, Vending Station consists of several vending machines, […]


Coffee Shop

A very specific application of integrated vending machines, designed to serve coffee and snacks, from chilled sushi to warm toasts. […]


What is Shop In a Box?

Recent years brought us revolutionary changes in ways we do shoping. Classical retail operators are under constant pressure from several […]

Why do you need it?

„Shop In A Box” is an inexpensive and very flexible way to extend your retail operations and offer your customers […]

How does it fit to Your business?

“Shop In A Box” can be incorporated into almost any type of retail business either as an extension to existing […]

Which one is best for You?

“Shop In A Box” is a complex solution. In addition to classic store fittings like shelves, coolers or freezers it […]

About us

„Shop In A Box” was founded by a group of professionals with deep knowledge in Retail and Information Technology. Our mission is to provide retailers with tools, ensuring innovative, safe and fast retail services and great shopping experience for consumers in a fast evolving retail market. We create tailor made automated retail products, which minimise operational costs, especially labour costs giving our customers more flexibility and competitive advantage in a dynamic retail market.